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US Correspondence 17:05 GMT
29 November 2021
The following page contains all of the information that has been sent to me from Bonuglis living in the USA. It is from this information, and official state records, that I have been able to draw out several American sections of the family tree. I would be very grateful if anyone who has further information would email me with additions or corrections. The most recent emails can be found at the bottom of this page.

Name: Calleleh E. Bonugli
Date: 8/6/2000
Info: I received your e-mail informing me about the Bonugli website that you composed. That is quit impressive. You apparently have put some time and effort into it. I also am very interested in finding out more about my family history. Unfortunately, I have had little success. I have communicated with someone by the name of Marshall Bonugli. He lives in Manchester, England. Do you know him? I have also contacted Marianne Bonugli. I believe she lives in Bath, England. I have been unable to confirm any true connections with them even though I am sure that we are related in some distant way. Since you seem to have more information about the Bonugli family history maybe you can help fill in some gaps. Let me give you a little background about myself. I am one of three children. I have one older sister, Malen, (32 years old) and one younger, Monica (27 years old). My father's name is Ezequiel Calleleh Bonugli and my mother's name is Genoveva A. Bonugli (maiden name is Ramirez). The are divorced. My grandparents on my father's side of the family were Juanita (she past away in 1996) and Ezequiel Bonugli (he past away in 1983). My grandfather had several brothers and sister, however, I only know of Cabure (there were several more). My father has several siblings: Kirby, Reily (step brother), Marshall (I think his is my dad's step brother also), Dolly, and Diana. I believe that my Grandfather was born in Italy and moved to the United States but I don't know when or how. This is as much as I know. If any of these names ring a bell or if you have any additional information please feel free to contact me at this e-mail address: (this is my e-mail address at work). Thank you.

Name: Mary Lou Bonugli Hill
Date: 11/6/2000
Info: Hi, I am really amazed at your website! It is so hard to find a Bonugli, let alone one so young and so talented. Well, I do not know if I can help. My Grandpa Cavoure (Calele) Bonugli was from Italy, he married Clara Sanchez from Spain. They moved to Laredo, Texas. My dad was Esequiel Bonugli, Sr. born in 1922. He had brothers, Harry, Robert, Cavoure. Sisters Beatrice, Mary Lou, Florence. My father, Esequiel, married ? had four children, Dolly, Dianna, Kerby, Esequiel Jr. in the 50's. Then he married my mom, Emmi Poth, from Germany. They had four, Mary Lou 1952, Riley Kelly Bonugli, 1954, Dorcas 1963-1986, Tracy 1966. I am Mary Lou. My dad did have an illigitemate son, in England, Marshall Bonugli, about 1960. Esequiel later married a third time to Maria, from Mexico. He claimed Steed Bonugli and had a Nancy Bonugli in the 1980's. I do not know how this connects to your tree. Hope it helps. Thanks for listening. Mary Lou Bonugli Hill, Des Moines, Iowa.

Name: Alanna Bonugli
Date: 14/6/2000
Info: My name is Alanna Bonugli. My fathers name is RileyBonugli. My mom forwarded your website to me, but I don't recognize any of the names. Unfortunately I don't know too many people on my fathers side of the family. It would be interesting to know how we are all connected.

Name: Rossi Bonugli
Date: 3/7/2000
Info: It's interesting that someone took the time to create a Bonugli website! From your website, I am under the impression that you're in England. I have an interesting story for you which you may not have yet heard.

About 10 years ago, I got a call from a man with a heavy Manchester accent. He informed me that his name was Marshall Bonugli, and that he was my brother! Not having ever heard of a Marshall Bonugli that would be such a close relative, I doubted his story and hung up. He called right back and told me that my father (Ezequiel Bonugli) had been in England after the war, and had an affair with his mother.

I still didn't believe him, so he told me he would prove it. He sent me a couple of pictures in which he was posing in a 'g' string, muscles bulging in a body building pose, with MY FACE on his body! It turns out he's a bodybuilder who owns a gym somewhere in Manchester! He came to visit me shortly thereafter, spent two/three days with me, and I haven't heard from him since.

Obviously, we Bonuglis are in lots of places, many of us not known to each other.... keep up the good work!

Name: Mary Lou Bonugli Hill
Info: I was just looking at your Laredo, TX list. Nancy Bonugli is my half sister. About 25-30 years old. Never met her. Do not know where she is. My father Esequiel Bonugli married for the third time, to a Maria from Mexico. She already had a blond boy about 5yrs old, by someone else. He is not a Bonugli, my dad just accepted him. He has very blond hair, etc. His name is Steed Bonugli.

Harry Bonugli died in August 1997. He was my uncle. Henry Bonugli died in January 1977 - my great uncle. Robert Bonugli, died in March 1973, another uncle. I think Emma Bonugli was my aunt, died in June 1992. Cavore Bonugli, my grandfather. The others are probably cousins. Does this help? Do you have anymore information?

Name: Michelle (Bonugli) Stanley
Date: 21/7/2000
Info: I found your website via my dad, Rossi Bonugli. While searching through it I also reconized my sister's name, Alanna Bonugli and possibly my aunt, Mary Lou. I currently live in Maryland with my dad, but grew up in Iowa. I actually know very little about the Bonuglis, so I am very interested in this. Thanks for all your hard work.

Name: Mary Lou Bonugli Hill
Date: 10/9/2000
Info: Rossi is my full brother Riley Kelly Bonugli. He goes by Rossi, now. Our father is Esequiel Bonugli Sr. We are from Esequiel's second marriage. Callele is my half brother from Esequiel's first marriage and so Nancy is my half sister, third marriage. Does that help? Second marriage produced Me, Mary Lou, Riley, Dorcas, & Tracy. If I can be of further help, let me know. You are doing a remarkable job!

Name: Antoinette Bonugli
Date: 20/10/2000
Info: I would like very much to provide you with current information on the San Antonio, Texas Bonugli's. My grandfather was Basillo Bonugli and came from Italy as a young man in his 20's. I am the eldest of six sibilings from Anthony and Betty Bonugli. Please let me know how I can help. Thanks for all you work. I myself have been to Italy and would like very much to be a part of keeping our information accurate.

Name: Jeff Bonugli
Date: 24/10/2000
Info: Good job on the web page, maybe one day we can get all Bonuglis together in one room. Anyway keep the good work up.

Name: Nicole Lyne Bonugli
Date: 08/11/2000
Info: I was surfing the net and noticed you have the same last night as my family. I am a Bonugli too. I live in the Boston area for the past 30years. My father is from Barga/Lucca area. My parents are going to Italytomorrow for a visit. My father's name is Giovanni Bonugli and my grandfather's name is Guido Bonugli.

Name: Diane DiStefano
Date: 29/12/2000
Info: I found your website yesterday and believe I may have some information for you. Not sure how it fits into the family tree and would appreciate any info you can give me. My grandmother's name was Maria Gorgina Benugli (DOB 12, July 1895 - Died 15 July 1977). She came to the United States with her younger sister Victoria (1897 - 1929). We believe she came from Italy at age 18 which would put her arrival in the US around 1913. They settled in the Philadelphia and New Jersey area with relatives. Her father is listed on several old ducuments as Guiseppi Bonugli and her mother's maiden name was Catharine Scilotti (or Salotti). I understand that Catharine was Guiseppi's first wife and that he later remarried and had several son's. We believe Guiseppi died during WW2. We believe there was a third sister (older) whose first name may have been Paolina who remained in Italy. The stories of Guiseppi are that he was a farmer but traveled to South America several times for work. His wife died during one of these trips. I look forward to hearing from you. I have an uncle who may have more info about several of the realitives currently living in Italy.

Name: Diana Ozanian Bonugli
Date: 6/01/2001
Info: I heard about your website from my daughter Alanna Rose Bonugli. I was married to Riley Kelly Bonugli 1974-1983. We had Alanna in 1980 and Zachary in 1978. I was really amazed to see the extent of this family tree, and especially that most of the Bonuglis don't know each other. I admire the extent of your work and though I cannot contribute much to your research, I wanted to introduce myself.

Name: Michael Bonugli
Date: 27/02/2001
Info: I live at 2327 Wescreek, Marland Heights Mo. 63043. My Father was Victor Bonugli who married Ann Randazzo. My fathers dad was Pietro Bonugli who is from Fornacchi in Italy ( I believe thats how you spell it). He married Amelia Cordsoi. I believe they moved to the United States, I don't know when, but that is where my father was born. I know my father had a brother, John, who I believe has passed away, he also had a sister Ida, who's maried name is now Berni and lives in St Louis Mo. I beleive he had other sisters but I haven't been able to confirm that.

My father has passed away and is in your deceased records. I also have 3 other brothers and two sisters. My brothers were Peter (also passed away and in your deceased records) John, Paul, and myself. My sisters are Amelia and Maryann.

My brother, Pete, had two children, Frank who lives in Ofallon Mo (listed in your records) and Regina, who is now married. My brother, John, Lives in Ofallon Mo and has one daughter Kathryn, and one son Victor. My brother Paul lives in St Louis. I have a son, Michael S. Bonugli. My mother lives in Ofallon Mo also, with my brother John.

My sister Maryann lives in St Peters Mo. and is now married ( Luehrs is her married name ). My sister Amelia lives in St Peters Mo also, and has two children.

I hope this helps you. You have done an excellent job with the web site.

Name: Jerome Ted Berni
Date: 27/02/2001
Info: My grandparents on my mother's side were Amelia Cardosi Bonugli and Pietro Bonugli, Amelia died giving birth to my mother Ida Bonugli in 1913, I can find a holy card with Pietro's death date if you are interested. They had five children, my mother being the youngest, from oldest to youngest Mary Bonugli Mittino, Norma Bonugli Klein (still alive), Elsie Bonugli Sills, Victor Bonugli, and Ida Bonugli Berni, Ida and Ted Berni had two sons, Anthony Berni and Jerome Ted Berni, Anthony Berni and Constance Berni have two children, April Andrea Berni and Anthony Jerome Berni, April Berni has one daugher Bijhou Berni and Anthony Jerome Berni and Kimberly Berni have two children, Emelia Marie Berni and Anthony Scott Berni. Don't know if this info is useful for you, I can provide the names of the children of Mary Bonugli Mittino, Elsie Bonugli Sills, and Norma Bonugli Klein. One of Victor Bonugli's sons contacted me regarding this site so I imagine he has given us the name of Victor's children. Hope this helps, enjoyed the web site!

Name: Antoinette Bonugli
Date: 6/03/2001
Info: The website is getting better and better. I wrote you earlier to tell you that my grandfather was Basilio Bonugli and that he came from Italy has a young man. I believe we are connected to the Bonugli's in Laredo because that is where Grandpa settled for awhile before coming to San Antonio. He had a brother Henry who never married and stayed in Laredo, also a sister Helen who never married, in fact I believe the two lived together. So Basilio married Lucy Telefano(SP) she had 3 children from a previous marriage, but they all carried the Bonugli name. They were Nita, Robert (Chick) and Fred. Grandpa and Grandma had, Mary Ellen, Rosie,Joe and Anthony(my dad). My father Anthony Charles Bonuglimarried Elizabeth Marks(Betty) and had six children, Antoinette(me) Jeffery and Janet(twins) Elizabeth Kay, Phyllis Doreen, and Carla Marie.I married Dennis Roy Moehrig and had 3 daughters Kayelyn Moehrig, Kristy Michelle Moehrig, and Kandace Marie Moehrig. Divorced and remarried but kept my Bonugli name this time. Jeffery married Debbie Wildberger and gave birth to a son Dominic Basilio Bonugli. They divorced and he married Sarah Burns, they have to children Marco Bonugli and Monica Bonugli. Janet married Massimo Pallottelli(from Rome) and they have one son Luca Anthony. Kay married Arthur Garro(also Italian) and they have 3 children, Anthony Ryan, Joseph Michael and Jill Marie. Phyllis married Roger Fowler and they have 3 daughters, Brittany Ann, Chelsea Nichole, Lindsay Ann. Carla married Charles Herring and they have 2 children, Megan Lucille and Curtis. My oldest daughter Kayelyn married Jesse Scofield they have one daughter Kelsey. Kristy married Tommy Appleby and have no children yet. Kandace is not married but gave birth to a son Trey Moehrig. My parents just celebrated 50 years of marriage on Feb. 3 2001 we took tons of pictures and we would like to send some for your profile page. We also took pictures of the Bonugli siblings. I mean my fathers living brothers and sisters.

Name: Michelle Stanley
Date: 6/03/2001
Info: I love what you have done with the web site. It is nice to finally learn more about the Bonugli's. I would like to mention that my father, Riley Bonugli, was married twice. First to my mom, Janet Prather, maybe in 1970 or 71, I was born 1/14/72. He then married his second wife, Diana. I am divorced and have two children, Joshua Stanley born 12/5/94 and Nicklas Stanley born 1/13/97.

Name: Katherine Bonugli
Date: 8/03/2001
Info: One of my family members came across your website one day and when we had a family gathering we all took a look at your website. I have always found my heratage interesting so I was more that happy to e-mail you to hopefully help you out. I won't have that much information until I talk to my grandma. But I do know that my grandpa was Victor Bonugli and he married Ann Randazzo. My grandpa, Victor, died of lung cancer and my grandma doesn't talk about him much. They both had six children (from oldest to youngest) named Peter, Amelia, John, Micheal, Paul, and Marianne. My dad, John Bonugli, who moved from Spencer Rd. in St.Peters to Wales Dr. in O'Fallon. Anyways, he married my mom Connie Adams. Together they had me, Katherine Bonugli. I hope I helped you a little and if you have any questions feel free to e-mail me.

Name: Barbra Bonugli
Date: 28/03/2001
Info: I just found your site and I think it's wonderful! I have recently joined the Bonugli family through marriage to Eric James Bonugli. I will do my best to get more information about his family and pass it along. I know that his grandfater started his family in Laredo, Texas. I don't have many more details at this time. We are having a family anniversary party this weekend so I will see what I can find out and pass it along. We have a daughter that was born on 9/13/99 her name is Allison Marie Bonugli. Born in Austin, Texas, Travis county. Thanks for your hard work on the site. It looks great!

Name: Laura Lee
Date: 2/04/2001
Info: You have missed a marriage on the Bonugli's in America. Robert Bonugli married Sharon Frazier in the early 50's. They have 3 children: Kevin, Debbie and Daren (Debbie and Daren are twins). Daren is my step-father who married my mother Irene Rivera. They together have one child Stacy Bonugli. Debbie has one child, Johnathon Bossom. Kevin currently is still single and has no children. If you have any questions you would like to ask me, simply e-mail me, or give me a call!

Name: Lisa Bonugli
Date: 21/04/2001
Info: I was reading thru all the other emails and realized that the one talking about Pellegrino that moved to Arlington Mass is my Grandfather. He died in May of 95. My dad is Frank Bonugli, his sisters are Sandra, Carol and Susan. I dont know too much about the history of my Grandfather or any of this but i am in total shock to have found this website and then to have seen my Grandfathers name metioned! All of my family is still in Arlington, Mass. I was born in August of 1978. If anyone has any info on anything please email [cc: so that further information can be included on this page].

Name: Edwin Wiatrek
Date: 15/05/2001
Info: I reviewed the American Bonugli Tree and noticed that Emma Bonugli, who was a daughter of Cavoure Bonugli, was not listed. She died on June 16, 1992 in Laredo, Texas. Also, I noticed that Dolly was listed as a child of Ezequil and Juanita Arce Bonugli. I believe that her real name was Marie Dolores Bonugli, who was born on April 8, 1946. Further, I have documentation that Henry Bonugli had a sister named Helen, who never married and had no childen. She died in Laredo Texas on December 20, 1981. Thought this would be helpful.

Name: Diana Quijano Bonugli
Date: 2/05/2001
Info: Hello it is so wonderful to see some Bonuglis in this website. My grandfather Caboure Bonugli was from Italy and maried Clara Sanchez from Mexico. My grandparents had Florence, Beatrice, Emma (deceased), Robert, Caboure, Ezequiel (my Dad deseased) and Mary Lou. Here in Laredo, Texas are several Bonuglis. Mary Lou had 4 girls (3 teachers) a pharmacist and a son. Robert, my uncle, had 2 childern: Mary Lou, a social worker, and a boy with a civil sevice job (my cousins). My father had 2 girls and 2 boys with my mom (Jane deceased). My sister is a teacher in San Antonio, Texas. I am a teacher in Laredo, Texas (close to retire from special education) my brother Kelly is a businessman and Kirby, my other brother is is an airplane mechanic. My uncle Caboure married Reola Lucas and had 2 girls which are Linda Walters. She is a business major and Chynel is a beautician. Uncle Harry has has 4 boys and 1 girland married margarita Montes. My aunt Beatrice and Emma never married. Florence got married but ner had childern. My father Ezequiel Bonugli was in the service and married for the second time to a German Lady and had 3 girls and 1 boy if I am correct. Then, my father married again to a lady Maria from Mexico and had Steed and Mary Lou. Both my parents are dead. Maybe I am able to help with this information.

Name: Becky Lou Bonugli
Date: 24/05/2001
Info: Your web site is very interesting. I would love to be updated on any information... here is some information I hope you can use on your web site.

My family tree:
James Bonugli & Frances Leza (parents)
Becky Lou Bonugli (daughter)
Johnny James Bonugli (son)
Jason Bonugli (son)

James Bonugli is the son of Harry Bonugli Sr. & Magarita Mendoza, Brother of Robert Bonugli of S.A., Ernesto Bonugli of Austin, Harry Bonugli Jr. of Laredo, and Elizabeth Bonugli. If there is any other information you could use please let me know....

Name: Belinda Rodriguez
Date: 06/07/2001
Info: Unbelievable! I was referred to this site for research and am happy to report some success. We now know the date of birth of Cabure Bonugli and his parents, including birth dates. Thank goodness for the U.S. Federal Census of 1900 and 1910. There are over 400 pages, and I just started clicking away. I think I've had some spiritual intervention because I found it in about 30 minutes. Of all those pages, boom there it was.

In summary, the children's names are more Italian than in 1910. It appears that they "Americanized" them. At first I was confused, but there is one male child whose name was essentially the same, Basilio and one daughter, Flaydia (sp?). (Thank God!) I was having a hard time putting it together. At a quick glance, I looked at the birthdates and they seem to match. I hope I get to you before you're done updating the web page.In addition, it states their profession and what they did for a living. There is so much.

If you remember, my grandmother, Manuela was conceived from the union of Cabure and Ms. Solis. My family is open to putting this out on the web. They do want to be represented. Get back to me and I'll provide more info.

In the meantime, enjoy and thanks for all your hardwork. It's amazing and a big "rush". Let me know if you have any questions!

Name: Laura Lee
Date: 08/07/2001
Info: On the American Bonugli family tree, you have a mistake. you have on there that Robert Bonugli who is married to Sharon Bonugli nee Frazier is deceased. The Robert Bonugli that is married to Sharon Bonugli nee Frazier is still very much alive. There are also a few Bonuglis that are not on the webiste. I can gladly give you names and numbers of some more Bonugli's to call for more information. We can send photos, etc. If you would like more info to add to the Bonugli Family Tree, you can simply e-mail me and I will get you all of the names and numbers of the Bonugli's.

Name: Lisa Bonugli
Date: 11/07/2001
Info: I took a look at the Bonugli Family tree. I dont know too much about my Grandfather Pellegrino brothers Guido side, but I can add Children under Susan and Carols names. Carol has 2 children a daughter Cara and a son Kyle and Susan has one son named Kenneth. If you need birthdates for Sandra, Carol and Susan I can ask my dad (Frank Bonugli) for those. His Birthday is July 4, 1950. I hope this helps. Lisa

Name: Donna Jeanne Bonugli
Date: 17/02/2002
Info: My great grandfather was Pietro Bonugli married to Maria. Both from Italy in the Tuscany area known as Lucca & Genovesse. My grandfather was Albert Leo Bonugli SR. Married to Hilda Massucca. They both died betwin 1939-1943. My dad Albert Leo Bonugli JR & his sister Rose Marie (Lee) Bonugli lived in Boston & later as kids moved to Tewksbury, MA. My grandfather was in WWI & my dad in the navy in WWII. My grandfather was born in Boston on June 22,1892 .my dad was born in 1925 and married 50yrs this yr!! After the war moved to Chicago to be w/ his sister & met my mother via a blind date! They had me (Donna Jeanne) & my older sister Linda Dianne she is Married & has 3 daughter's Elizabeth (15) Sarah(13) and Marianne(11). My aunt Had one son Frank Edmund who has two sons frank & jack. My aunt & I are Working on this project of our family tree - so far from your ss# death Records she has told me that uncle Leo, uncle Frank & Marianne from the Boston/Tewsbury, MA area she knows. Growing up I alway heard about my uncle Leo - i hopeyou can fill in some of the area i dont know like who my great great Grandparent were and aunts and uncles anything to help this branch of your tree & mine. You can email me at or fax: 949-720-1439. copyright © 2000-2005 Paul K. Bonugli top